Rental Pricing comparison for the Ko Olina Resort

There are several vacation options available in Ko Olina. I’m sure it can be confusing when trying to compare all the different choices and prices. With the planned closing of the JW Marriott for most of 2015 during it’s conversion to a Four Seasons property, here are the remaining options. There is also an attempt to combine the local customs for each property for cost comparison. Prices and examples are an attempt to provide approximate comparisons for the different properties and exact numbers will vary and be subject to change.

Hotel rooms

Disney Aulani      Available for as short as 1 night stays ~ Ocean front property and zoned Resort ~

Hotel nightly room rate + 13.96% tax + $35/day parking + 0 resort fee basic view ~ Add 35 to 200 to nightly room rate for upgraded views before tax. Standard room ( lowest rate, run between $300 – 429 / night ) extra charges per person may apply

Villa pricing will vary depending upon size of room ( studio thru 3 BR ) with pricing for a party of 6 ranging from 2 and 3 bedrooms and standard to full ocean view  ( 2 bedroom standard in March about $1,000 +/- nightly room rate on a standard view to an additional $1,500 for up to 3 BR with ocean view +/-)


Furnished villas


Ko Olina Marriott Beach Club     Available for as short as 1 night Stays ~ Ocean Front property and zoned resort ~ Hotel nightly rate + 13.96% + $35 / day parking + 31.41 resort fee

Prices will vary depending on size of party, room and view. Most likely studio nightly rates ( no kitchen ) would be in the high $300’s to low $400’s / per night plus fees ( parking, resort fees and taxes ) and would go up from there. 1 BR’s would run from upper $400’s to upper 500’s / night plus fees and 2 BR’s would run from the $600’s to $700’s/ per night plus fees ~ depending upon views.

Beach Villas at Ko Olina     6 night minimum stay ~ Ocean front property, individually owned and zoned resort .

Nightly room rate + 13.96% taxes + exit cleaning fee ($300-400  one-time charge)  + 10/day resort fee with parking for 1 vehicle included in nightly rent

Prices on villas depend on Size, View and Season. Prices when purchased ranged from $850K to 2.5MM and nightly rates would vary based on the that individual villa. Low season 2 BR partial ocean view would have nightly rates of Low $300’s + and a 3 Bedroom ocean view at high season ( excluding Christmas ) might be closer to $500’s to $600’s / per night plus taxes, parking, exit cleaning and resort fees.


Residential Neighborhoods


There are 5 residential neighborhoods available for 30 day minimum stay rentals as per county zoning and the Local Homeowner associations. Rentals of less than 30 days with more than one tenant during that 30 day period are not in compliance with the Associations or Honolulu County and owner’s may be subject to fines between $1,000 to $5,000 per infraction, which can result in the property not being available.


The Neighborhoods are all quite nice and values tend to follow the sale price range for the properties. All leases of less than 6 months have a tax liability of 13.96% ( General Excise Tax and Transient Accommodations) They will normally have an exit cleaning fee and an electrical allowance with tenant responsible for excess usage.

Monthly rent + 13.96 % taxes + exit cleaning fees + electrical allowance with parking included = Monthly rent.


Monthly rental price is normally 15% to 25% higher than the long term monthly rent and a 2 BR furnished rental might be $4,000 to $4,200 / mo for 1 month or $3,100 / mo plus electric for a 12 month lease.


The Ko Olina residential neighborhoods are below with the approximate price range of the homes in each of the neighborhoods for value reference.


Coconut Plantations ~ Pricing from  $650K to $950K ~ 1,000 sq ft 2 BR’s to 1,850 sq ft 3-4 BR’s

Kai Lani ~ Pricing from  $650K to $850K ~ 2 BR’s with 1,240 sq ft and 3 BR’s with 1,344 sq  feet

Ko Olina Kai Pricing from  $550K to $715K with 2 BR’s with 1,125 sq ft, 3 BR/2BA with 1,425 sq ft and 3 BR / 3 BA 1,625 sq ft.

Ko Olina Hillside Pricing from $500K to $595K 2 and 3 BR’s farther than the above to beach

Ko Olina Fairways Pricing from $450K to $550K 2 and 3 BR’s across from Ko Olina Hillside and equally farther from the beach.